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Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas. It is to use mobile vehicles as a channel of communication between brands and customers.

Accompanied by rapid growth of Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing becomes an inevitable and indispensable media trend in today’s mobile era.


Brand message

AnchorVnteleco provides SMS Brandname – a modern and direct communication solution via mobile phones of receipts complying with SMS spam act. Thereby, names of brands will appear as senders (From/Sender) of messages instead of regular phone numbers. Customers use the service for the purposes of:

  •  Informing about promotion.
  •  Event promotion.
  •  Production and service introduction.
  •  Brand reinforcement and reminder.
  •  Special information or announcement.
  •  VIP/loyal customers care.
  •  SMS internal communications.

Mobile advertising

Vnteleco provides mobile advertising services including MobileWeb (Wapsite), Mobile Application and Mobile Game. To date, after TV and PC/laptop, mobile is the third screen that marketers want to target

Vnteleco’s services include:

Ads Network basing on Cen Ads provides general services to B-to-B customers.

  •  Collaboration in providing HW/SW platform to operators and advertisers.
  •  Collaboration in exploiting Vnteleco Ads Network’s infrastructure for adversities.
  •  Resource sharing (Ads exchange) with other publishers, advertisers and Ads Networks.

Location-based Service

Supports advertising in selected areas (buildings, supermarkets, stadiums…) by pushing digital advertising contents (brochures, entertainment information, ticket discounts, gift coupons,…) to wireless devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops…) via Bluetooth.

Basing on wireless technology independent from connectivity, of which data transmission via Bluetooth is much faster than regular mobile networks, requesting no data transfer charges from end-users, Vnteleco has quickly launched the new service called BZONE equipped with Bluetooth marketing function.

The software is installed directly on the mobile devices, allowing advertisers to send promotion information to customers with the ability to transmit all types of content: text messages, media, audios, videos, applications, java games… via Bluetooth.

Creating - Ads campaigns creating consultant

  •  Advises customers in using solutions in the most effective way for the fields that they are most interested in.
  •  Advises customers to choose content suitable with Vietnamese culture, undisturbing to viewers.
  •  Provides the most effective phone numbers importing methods and database management.
  •  Guides customers to send messages or supports them in sending messages.
  •  Provides customers with complete and transparent statistical system.
  •  System support 24/07.”