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USSD Facebook


Amid the increasing need for social network despite of limited Internet and 3G coverage as well as numbers of smart phone owners, Vnteleco develops many products providing customers with real-value and new experiences.
Customers can check and update their Facebook accounts without connectivity:

Step 1

Enter the syntax (depending on operator codes) and press call to register.

Step 2

Sign up with username and password of personal Facebook.

Step 3

After receiving a registration confirmation via SMS, customers can access services such as reading newsfeed, updating status, comments, sending and replying messages, adding friends. On-screen instructions and displays are very simple and easy to use.

This solution is totally new to subscribers

This solution is totally new to subscribers. With any mobile phone, customers can access the entertainment service and information exchange via Facebook anywhere.

Our solution will provide managers with a friendly and fully-featured interface: admin account, history search and customer care… The system uses the mechanism of HA-LB for load balancing and data integration, periodical backing-up, integrating with a remote management system and creating professional maintenance and upgrading