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Flash Ad


Each operator has an USSD service which is used by subscribers to check their account balance (credit), further we call this service USSD balance check service. According to our statistics each 1 Mln subscribers of mobile operator generates around 5-7 Mln requests per month to USSD balance check service. This quantity of requests makes USSD balance check a powerful and fully free for MNO communication channel with subscribers, therefore VAS advertising can be inserted along with requested balance information.

The FlashAd platform is a solution, which allows inserting dynamically targeted and interactive USSD advertising messages (USSD tails) in balance check service. FlashAd is an effective direct marketing tool, for communication with operator’s subscribers by adding advertising or informative text to the USSD balance check response message.

Key possibilities of FlashAd:

Interactive tails option. The solution generates two types of USSD tails:
a) Static USSD tail shows the advertised text. To activate a service, subscriber has to enter a short code or to dial the service number by himself.
b) Interactive USSD tail, allows subscriber to activate the advertised service while requesting the balance. It increases conversion rate due to simplification of the activation process.