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Automatic money advance(Airtime Credit) is developed by Vnteleco to allow subscribers automatically to advance to continue to make a voice calls, send messages and access the Internet.
Airtime Credit – Automatic money advance service

Airtime Credit's application solution

  • Allow subscribers to take a loan when the basic account is used up.
  • This loan is added to the promotional account.
  • Usable services: internal and external voice calls, SMS and data.
  • Can be used without registering

Application solutions via IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

1. Usability
Money advance service via IVR is responsive to 100% of customers. When a customer is invited they are sent the voice call and just need to press 1 to advance. The system will save their database to know how much they are advanced based on ARPU. In addition, customers can actively make a call for money advance by IVR code number.

2. Real-time feature
To date other CPs’s services require 3 to 5 minutes to send an inviting sms due to the long waiting time for CDR from OCS center. Customers will leave the phones for other things, which leads to inefficiency. Vnteleco provides a real-time solution. When a call is disconnected due to running out of charge, the system can immediately recognize (call stream monitoring) and send IVR to invite right away.

3. Retry function
When a customer is invited but does not advance, or makes a call but unable to call, Vnteleco will retry immediately, the rate of advance will increase (combining with events from beep calls). At present, other CPs’ services just invite for once only.