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PingCall is a software platform that is designed by AchieVAS to complete failed call attempts thereby stimulating more voice calls and generating incremental revenue for mobile operators.
Common failed call attempts include Zero-balance Calls, Busy Calls and Unavailable Calls due to phone is off or out of coverage.
Upon detecting such failed call scenarios, PingCall shall trigger, on behalf of the Calling Party, a short call to the Called Party such that a ‘Missed Call’ is displayed on his/her mobile phone. The Called Party is naturally ‘notified’ of a Missed Call from his/her friends, family or colleagues and thereby increasing the chance of him/her returning the call.

PingCall is independent of network technologies...

  • PingCall is independent of network technologies and supports On-Net, Off-Net and IDD call types to significantly enhance the business case and ROI of PingCall.
  • Incremental revenue are generated in the form of voice tariff and inter-connect fee of additional calls triggered by PingCall that are otherwise unrealised or missed by the networks.
    As proven by PingCall’s existing customer base, Initial investment by mobile operators in PingCall hardware and services would be paid back by incremental revenue earned within first month of PingCall service launch.

PingCall has been successfully deployed...

PingCall has been successfully deployed in the following mobile networks and has been generating incremental voice revenue daily for the mobile operators:

  • Country Network
  • Mozambique
  • Haiti
  • Timor Leste
  • Tanzania
  • Burundi