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The eWallet Solution is based on the Mobile Payment Platform a powerful server-based system that delivers online transaction management featuring comprehensive user experience tailored to customer needs. Unlike common mobile wallet solutions that only provide a single stored value account or a connection to a single account, Keeto offers a real-life wallet experience, bundling together multiple payment methods, such as bank accounts, credit/debit cards, stored value and telecom accounts. Moreover, the user can flexibly move funds between different “pockets” in the Keeto account, which can be accessed from both mobile and non-mobile environments.

The service provider can customize the offering for different target segments, and create a branded user experience with a tailored combination of relevant pockets, services and access channels. The eWallet enables service providers to launch rich mobile money services in emerging markets with rapid time to market. Targeted at unbanked populations, this eWallet solution delivers full mobile wallet functionality, including cash deposit and withdrawal at local merchants, person-to-person transfers, electronic airtime top-up, basic merchant payments and bill payment. From the convenience of the mobile device, and using widely accepted access channels like USSD and SMS, customers and merchants securely execute transactions and receive immediate confirmation. VNTELECO also powers the multi-level network of mobile agents that serve as airtime resellers and cash in/out posts, converting cash to electronic funds and vice versa.

Each subscriber is assigned a mobile wallet with a stored value account, which holds their monetary balance. The user experience for the supported services is based on industry best practices for ease of use, transaction security and non-repudiation. As common in mobile banking solutions, customers and merchants can easily place balance enquiries and review a brief history of recent transactions.