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ivr music



IVR Music service is value-added service provided infotainment in the form of audio . With IVR Music  service, customers  can explore the fancinating services in system: listening to musics and jokes, and can send music gifts, IM and share with friends, relatives …

In details, IVR Music  provides the following services:

Music Online

  • Customer can listen all their favourite songs which is daily updated through IVR. Customer can also send the song to friend as a music gift and setup the song as a CRBT..
    • Listening music anywhere, anytime and in any mobile device.
    • A huge music store with all music categories, target to all customer’s sectors.
    • Music gift function allows customer to share the feeling with friend through music.

Music Gift

Customer can send the voice message to a friend together with a song.
• Music Gift service package is a service which supports customers send music, to their close people as gifts, attached the message of themselves bring familiar feeling and unexpected on special occasions.
• The service package has ability spread from simplicity in using. Only with a simple phone, customers can send to each other songs, stories, and lovely messages.
• Music Gift service package has a huge music store, a abundant story warehouse in many different styles, supports customers easily choose to give as gifts.
• Music Gift service package may temporarily replace voice mail service in some cases by call out function will repeat every five minutes if the recipient’s phone is busy, out of coverage area, or out of battery.
• With timer function to send, In addition to surprise close people on a special date, customers can set up voice message to themselves to remind work, events… etc.